Welcome, we are Pacinko Comunicazione

We are a brand new advertising agency and are passionate about achieving exceptional results through innovation. Our dynamic, integrated marketing, social, design and communication agency focuses mainly in sports  and lifestyle.  We put together intelligent creativity with a real life approach.

We focus our job on marketing & communication strategy. Successful businesses know well what they stand for, where they are heading and how to communicate their ideas. Being clear about what you want to obtain and how you will do so will create a strong company.  We know the industry well enough to create a sinergy. We will then work alongside with you to set the best means to build a strong and differented brand and communication platform.

We are sports specialists. Our team possesses the sector knowledge and experience to deliver campaigns that have an impact across business areas. With proven expertise in motorspors and the points at which they meet other industries, we can provide insight and support for communication projects all over the world and enable growing in international markets.

Follow us and welcome to pacinko Comunicazione world!


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